Tuesday, November 21st, 2017

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Save Money and Look Great! Holiday Clothes & Shoes

The holiday shopping rush is not all about tech gadgets—clothing is also a hot item.  Whether you need to brace yourself for the cold winter or you just want to look good, the holiday shopping season offers you some of the best deals on the hottest clothes.

Shoes: I am a big fan of Under Armour cross training shoes.  Under Armour Proto Evade Trainer II is my shoe of choice.  These bad boys feel great whether I’m running or lifting weights.  For girls, the Under Armour Proto Speed Trainer II is available.  The cheapest price I found the shoe for was from Holabird Sports.  The shoes are listed on their site for $89.95 with free shipping and a $15 gift certificate for Holabird Sports.

If you like to go hiking or just walking along trails, New Balance replaces the 908 trail shoes with the MT909.  These shoes are superb for all types of condition whether it be snow, rain, or mud, the shoe is very durable and tough.  They are water proof and the cushioning inside feels like a perfect fit.  The best price I found for the shoe was again from Holabird Sports.  The regular price on the shoe is $110 but Holabird is selling it for $89.95 compared to the other major companies like Zappos ($110).  Plus they are offer free shipping. 

Clothing: If you’re young or between the ages of 18-30 then checkout Ralph Lauren’s Rugby collection.  The collection is young, hip, and sophisticated.  Rugby offers a wide range of clothing options from all types of tops to bottoms.  More importantly, it has Ralph Lauren’s classy look.  Check out www.rugby.com for some holiday sales. 

I know Gap is overly commercialized and some consider it too trendy but seriously the clothing there is pretty affordable and good looking.  They obviously move from season to season, but if you look at the sale items they have a lot from their previous season on sale.  So you find a pair of summer polo tees and its winter, but at least you’ll get them for real cheap and be prepared for the warm weather look.  Also, the holiday sale season started so you will find some great deals on some regular priced items.  Check out www.gap.com or go to your nearest Gap retailer.

Our editor just got a pair of Shape Up Shoes. She says, “These claim to be a workout if you wear them for only 30 minutes a day. I wasn’t sure they would work at all but as soon as I put them on I could feel my posture improving. After 30 minutes I definitely felt it in my calf muscles.” If you’re looking for a creative workout gift, you might want to try Shape Up Shoes—it’s wearable pilates.

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