Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Cut Your Cell Phone Cost. Here’s How.

Almost every month a new cell phone is released. And, almost every month, people spend much more than they should on their phone.

Simple ways to substantially cut down your cell phone costs

Find a free phone. If you already have a phone, then do not buy the newest, coolest model. Buying a new phone every time a new version comes out is a waste of money. However, many companies will offer a free phone to anyone signing a new contract. There may be a one-time service charge you need to watch for, and most importantly, make sure you can stick with the contract. Some companies offer free phones that come with a small charge every month. These charges may look innocent because they are under $3, but after many months of paying them, that free phone is definitely not free anymore.

Get a family.
You do not have to be part of a family to get a family plan. Getting a plan with your friends can cut the costs of your monthly payments. Just make sure to get a plan with rollover minutes and free nights and weekends. This way, there will be plenty of minutes for everyone in the plan. Most family plans require a two-year contract, so pick friends that are not going anywhere anytime soon and friends you trust to pay their portion of the bill.

Pay as you go. There are many phone companies that offer pay as you go phones. These are extremely useful if you do not plan to use many minutes a month. Plans are usually around 20 cents a minute, or less if you buy minutes in a bundle. It is easy to pay only $15 a month with these phones. And you are not stuck with a company if you choose to change your mind or your plan.

Cut Out the Extras.
It may seem beneficial to have a phone that can make videos, surf the web, text, and email, but these little extras can add $20 to $40 extra on your monthly bill. Instead, only get the extras that you will use every day. Also, put limits on yourself. Do you really need to send 1000 texts a month? Refrain from buying the extra wallpapers, graphics, and ringtones. You will more than likely be tired of that bathing suit model background or the coolest hip-hop song within a month anyway.

Visit Billshrink.com.  Billshrink.com is a free service to help you make sure you have the best cell phone plan available to you. All you have to do is answer a few questions about your phone usage and where you live, and Billshrink finds the best plan available. You will be amazed at how easy it is and how much you can save.

It is easy to save money on your cell phone bill each month. Most of the extra features that come with the phone are not worth the extra dollars spent. Remember, the brand new phone you are lusting after today will be old news tomorrow. As long as your phone can make and receive calls, you should be just fine.

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