Saturday, November 18th, 2017

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Skate in Style: Retro Longboards and Kahuna Big Sticks

For many surfers, skateboarding has long been a second place sport for days with no waves.  If you’ve ever ridden a longboard and wanted that same experience on dry land, you should try the longboard skateboard. Kahuna Creations has gone a step farther and created the Paddle Board skateboard. 

Paddle Board surfing took the longboard and used a paddle, while standing, to help the board glide across the water with little effort.  Paddle Board skate boarding uses the same concept and now Kahuna Creations has made it possible to skate with a paddle.  Known as the Kahuna Big Stick, the paddle allows skaters to have a smooth ride without having to constantly kick the pavement. 

I had the opportunity to use the Pohaku Surf Rider Longboard with the Kahuna Big Stick.  The board itself was strong and sturdy.  The board had a retro feel, almost identical to a longboard surf board.  The board I used was 48” length and 9” in width.  The surface of the board used tropical coral sand from Tahiti to give a great grip for stability and balance.  The Big Stick was made from a Douglas Fir shaft—it was lightweight yet solid and comfortable.  At the bottom of the stick are two rubber wheels that don’t spin.  The rubber wheels are used to push off the ground.  The Big Stick comes in three different sizes so you can get the perfect fit no matter how tall, or short, you are.

It was easier then I thought.  In a flat parking lot the longboard and Big Stick were easy to use.  I didn’t have to constantly kick the ground, and the stick let me dictate my speed.  This board is definitely not meant for tricks, but this is a relaxing ride and a completely green way to commute.

The Big Stick and Longboard skateboards are an excellent idea.  The combo not only looks good, but it’s easy and very fun to ride. Definitely check out the Pohaku Surf Rider and the Big Stick at www.kahunacreations.com.  The Pohaku Surf Rider retails for $159.00 and the Big Stick for $89.00. 

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