Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

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Give the perfect gift: Tickets and USB Turntable

Do you have a sports fanatic or a music fan on your list?

A ticket to a live event is one of my favorite things to give—and receive. Not only is it creative and memorable—it’s something you can do together. It gives you a great reason to dress up and do the town. Whether your giving the gift to your husband of 10 years or that someone special you just met, nothing is more romantic than taking him or her to see their favorite team, artist, or theatrical performance.

I use Stubhub for all of my ticketing needs. They’re a one stop shop for sporting events, concerts, plays. They can even get you tickets to shows that are “sold out.” 

See Sold-Out Shows! Tickets Available on StubHub.com

Search Stubhub for the perfect gift for the special fan in your life.

Get Great Tickets on StubHub.com!

Not sure what they want to see the most? Or looking for something creative and meaningful for someone you just met?Get a StubHub Gift Certificates.

ION iPTUSB Turntable and vinyl archive system

This is the greatest gift for anyone with a record collection. Not only do you get to listen to all of your old records but the turntable pays for itself. Most people will save more than $99 not having to repurchase music they already have.

The ION turntable is Plug N Play with both Mac and PC so even a computer novice can use it. Just plug it in to your computer’s USB port and start recording digital copies of your old vinyl collection. Now you can listen to your records on your iPod. The ION is portable—you can move it wherever you need it and it’s easily stored.

The ION iPTUSB turntable also has a line-in jack—you can connect your portable cassette deck or any other music source and create digital music from that too!

Built-in speakers let you monitor the music as you play. The included EZ Vinyl software helps you make the cleanest digital recordings possible, and tag them for easy sorting in your digital music library.

So dust off that record collection and start ripping with the iPTUSB turntable!

Once You Know, You Newegg

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