Sunday, August 13th, 2017

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Tag Archives: Money Management

Ladder Your Cash Flow: Using CDs to Survive Tough Times

When facing unemployment create a strategy that will provide a steady cash flow while getting back on your feet.

Money Management: A Guide for the Young & Inexperienced

Saving for the future doesn’t have to be difficult or put a huge strain on your social life. You only need to start with 10% of your income. 

Money 101: Five Tips for College Students

It’s the start of a new semester: a perfect time to review a few key points about money.

Curbing College Debt

A new program at Bowling Green State University aims to help students fight the rising costs of higher education.

Students Log on to Manage Their Money

An inside look at the newest online budgeting tools.

How To Make $50 Last 10 Days

Try taking this money challenge with a friend and see who can most effectively and efficiently manage $50 in 10 days.

Top Ten Student Money Mistakes

Learn the most common financial mistakes students make, and how you can avoid them.