Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

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Tag Archives: Money Management

Top 5 Vehicle Modifications That Save You Cash

Spending a lot on your car is a drag, so you’re probably already familiar with some DIY tips to save money on your car. Those tips—such as keeping tires properly inflated and doing your own maintenance—are essential to any vehicle owner. They’re the basics. Now it’s time to learn about some great vehicle modifications that […]

Your Credit Score: Why it Matters

Imagine that you’re a loan officer at the local bank. Two customers, Mr. Rich and Mr. Buck, come in to borrow money. You check Mr. Rich’s history; he has an excellent credit score, 800. Mr. Buck’s score is an embarrassingly low 300. To whom should you lend money? Mr. Buck’s low credit score indicates that […]

Top 10 Money Management Apps

Need to track stocks? Calculate your loan repayment? Budget your life? There’s an app for that.

HelloWallet Is Here to Help

New online financial system is endorsed by President Clinton, used by major cities and affordable for everyone.

How to “Enjoy Your Money”

New book studies successful people—from billionaires to clothes-washers—discovering what they do differently with their money.

Is the Recession Over?

Measuring GDP is just one way to determine if we’re in a recession.

Money Talk Before Marriage: Five Conversations You Should Have

Before you say "I Do" make an investment in your marriage with these five conversations about money.

Ladder Your Cash Flow: Using CDs to Survive Tough Times

When facing unemployment create a strategy that will provide a steady cash flow while getting back on your feet.

Money Management: A Guide for the Young & Inexperienced

Saving for the future doesn’t have to be difficult or put a huge strain on your social life. You only need to start with 10% of your income. 

Money 101: Five Tips for College Students

It’s the start of a new semester: a perfect time to review a few key points about money.