Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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These Money Management Methods Will Make You Richer in the Long Run

This post is from guest author Melissa Davidson. You can find her on Twitter @madtris.  Not everyone is good at managing their money. It’s a skill we aren’t necessarily taught in school, yet it’s something that has a big impact on our lives as we become adults. Financial freedom is about making good choices and being […]

Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Credit Cards, Part 2

In part 1, I discussed setting up your business to do e-commerce and accepting credit card payments. In this installment, I’ll discuss personal and business credit cards for the young entrepreneur. For some, “credit card” is like a bad word. For the young entrepreneur, it’s a necessity. Without a credit card, you have to siphon […]

Young Entrepreneur’s Guide to Credit Cards, Part 1

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you have your sights set on pursuing your passion, competing with the best entrepreneurs in your niche, and earning enough to take care of yourself and the ones you love. But there’s a basic fact you may be overlooking: to be a great entrepreneur you must be good with finances. At […]

Your Credit Score: Why it Matters

Imagine that you’re a loan officer at the local bank. Two customers, Mr. Rich and Mr. Buck, come in to borrow money. You check Mr. Rich’s history; he has an excellent credit score, 800. Mr. Buck’s score is an embarrassingly low 300. To whom should you lend money? Mr. Buck’s low credit score indicates that […]

Who Can’t Handle Credit? Adults More Likely to Have Debt on Plastic

When it comes to credit card debt, younger people are often chided for their ill-advised use of plastic. After all, many may not have had the proper personal finance background when they first got their card. For example, Sallie Mae noted that the average amount of credit card debt for a graduating senior in 2008 […]

Credit Card Debt Tumbles Again in April

Credit card offers increase as consumers improve payment habits

The personal finances of both older and younger people in the country may be improving, and those who issue credit cards and insurance policies are taking note. According to recent data from Mintel Comperemedia, the number of credit card offers mailed during the first quarter of 2010 rose 36 percent to 1.2 million offers when […]

CARD Act limits credit offers to young people

One way young people can help establish a personal finance history is through a credit card, although new federal rules may make it more difficult for them to acquire an account. The Credit Card Accountability, Responsibility and Disclosure Act requires that people under 21 find a co-signer for credit card accounts unless the young consumer […]

Statue of Limitations & Time Debts Stay on Credit Report

How long can something stay on your credit report?