Saturday, May 27th, 2017

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Tag Archives: debt

Gambling with Your Future

Online poker sites draw students, who are betting on beating the odds.

Going Postal Five Days a Week

Post Office wants to stop Saturday delivery

Is Your State Out of Money to Pay Unemployment?

Is your state out of unemployment money?

Statue of Limitations & Time Debts Stay on Credit Report

How long can something stay on your credit report?

Does the Collection Agency Have to Remove An Error?

Collection ageny refuses to remove a mistake, what can I do?

$700 Billion in Debt Payments Per Year

And you thought your debt load was bad! Uncle Sam is about to get buried.

Dealing with Gym Membership Dues is a Workout

My gym sent me to collections without telling me!

Can They Send Me to Collections?

Can a medical office send me to collections just because they want more money?

Do I Have to Pay Interest & Fees on My Debt?

The collection agency has added interest & fees…