Sunday, November 19th, 2017

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Top 3 Ways to Save Money Around the House

It’s kind of a drag. You buy your first home, so now you’re in debt and paying a mortgage. You don’t have time to think about simple ways of conserving cash around the house? Money goes down the drain as you go about your life. Or you save money on the small stuff. You keep […]

Gambling with Your Future

Online poker sites draw students, who are betting on beating the odds.

Going Postal Five Days a Week

Post Office wants to stop Saturday delivery

Is Your State Out of Money to Pay Unemployment?

Is your state out of unemployment money?

Statue of Limitations & Time Debts Stay on Credit Report

How long can something stay on your credit report?

Does the Collection Agency Have to Remove An Error?

Collection ageny refuses to remove a mistake, what can I do?

$700 Billion in Debt Payments Per Year

And you thought your debt load was bad! Uncle Sam is about to get buried.

Dealing with Gym Membership Dues is a Workout

My gym sent me to collections without telling me!

Can They Send Me to Collections?

Can a medical office send me to collections just because they want more money?