Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

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Tag Archives: Entrepreneurship

Know Your Client, Increase Business Sales

The more you know your customers, the more sales you’ll make.

Shure Pets Is a Sure Bet

You can make money selling pet products.

Video: Be Big & Be Small

Should I make my company look bigger?

Nathan Smith “PuroClean’s” Up With a Franchise

Young entreprneur finds success with an emergency services franchise.

Video: The New Reality

Mike explains how entrepreneurs can pursue getting television exposure.

VIDEO: Jentolov

Mike explains how Danish entrepreneurs need to change their strategy to come out ahead.

VIDEO: On A Roll (Road Trip) Presents “Life is Good”

In this episode, Mike Michalowicz highlights a presentation done by Bert Jacobs, the founder of Life Is Good.

Box-o-Box: Care Packages for Every Occasion

Looking for a fun and unique way to say I love you or I miss you or good luck studying? Try Box-O-Box, a pre-made college care package.

The Three Types of Clients

It’s better to have no clients than to have non-paying clients.

VIDEO: Which is Better for Traffic? Google Adwords or Blogs?

In this episode Mike explains the value of blogging and the value of adwords.