Monday, October 23rd, 2017

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“The Social Network” Explores Dark Side of Social Media, Venture Capital

Of all the subjects for a gritty, dark biopic about betrayal and human frailty, Facebook doesn’t seem like the most obvious. David Fincher (of Fight Club and Se7en fame) and Aaron Sorkin (writer of The West Wing), however, disagree – and at the New York Film Festival, Fincher will debut his new film “The Social […]

Facebook friends become real-life business partners

Facebook isn’t just about "liking" your friend’s status and commenting on pictures of cats – these days, it’s become a place to do business. The Orange County Register reported last week on a team of young entrepreneurs who joined up through the networking site to make their dreams of a social media business become reality. […]

Social Networking Can Connect You With Online Deals

Hopping on Facebook or checking out a person’s Twitter account may be one way younger people spend their time online. And while some may view doing so as a waste of time, there are ways that these social networking sites may be able to help with personal finance decisions and planning a home budget. In […]

Banks May use Facebook to Gauge Your Ability to Pay a Loan

Social networking sites have been popular with young people since they started appearing on the internet, although they carry with them certain dangers. One threat presented by sites like MySpace and Facebook is they offer criminals to gain information about younger people, which can lead to a variety of crimes. Those could include identity theft, […]

Facebook is World’s Third Largest Country

Its official: Facebook is the world’s third largest country.  Recently, Facebook announced that it has reached the 500 million registered user mark. 500 MILLION! In the world of membership organizations that’s a knee rattling, earth shaking, just staggering amount of people. It is now roughly equal to the largest mobile phone carrier in the world, […]

Friendgiftr’s Rob Carpenter: The Ace of Cards

Young entrepreneur brought e-commerce to social media and mobile phones.

You Have the Right to Remain Silent & Tweetless

Twitter & Facebook can create a legal risk.