Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Is College Really Worth It?

The question of whether college is worth it is a fairly new one in the scheme of things. When you’re looking at payment options so you can afford college, you have to deal with the fact that tuition has gone up by 296 percent since 1995. A price increase of this magnitude is hard to […]

These Money Management Methods Will Make You Richer in the Long Run

This post is from guest author Melissa Davidson. You can find her on Twitter @madtris.  Not everyone is good at managing their money. It’s a skill we aren’t necessarily taught in school, yet it’s something that has a big impact on our lives as we become adults. Financial freedom is about making good choices and being […]

How to Make Money from Your Photography

This post is by guest author Amethyst Tagney. Amethyst spends her time writing on a variety of topics. She is an avid learner and loves to share what she discovers. You can find her @AmTagWrites Snapping a picture can be easy. Selling that picture can be less so. As a photographer, breaking into the field takes a mixture […]

How to Lower Your Student Loan Payment Amount

The following post is from guest author Jesse Johnson  As higher education becomes increasingly important to job prospects, more and more people are racking up student loan debt. In the U.S., 44 million borrowers owe more than 1.4 trillion in student loans with an average graduate in their 20s walking away with more than $22,000 […]

Student Loans Exceed Total Credit Card Debt

New figures from reveal that in aggregate, Americans owe more money in federal and private student loans than they do in revolving credit, reports the Wall Street Journal. The Federal Reserve says that Americans owe a total of $826.5 billion in revolving credit debt, most of which is on credit cards. Outstanding student loans, meanwhile, […]

New FTC Rule Protects Consumers from Debt Relief Practices

The Federal Trade Commission issued its final rule on debt relief firms Thursday, banning those that engage in telemarketing from collecting advance fees from customers. The rule will come into effect in October of this year, and it should help protect consumers who are trying to get out of debt from some of the industry’s […]

How to Select a Legitimate Credit Counseling Agency

The last thing a consumer needs when struggling financially is to fall into the hands of an unscrupulous credit counseling agency. If you’re considering using a credit counselor, shop around, and ask each agency the following questions. More importantly, be certain that you are comfortable with their answers before you book that first appointment. A […]

Paying Your Loans Early – A Quick Guide

One of the most prudent financial decisions you can make is to pay your student loans early. Compound interest is a powerful force when it’s working with you – and equally powerful when it’s not on your side. However, it pays to be careful when putting extra money toward your loans. The way most programs […]

Plastic Pay Down Continues in May

If there’s one lesson the recession may have taught you, it’s that avoiding credit may be one of the best courses of action. The urge to take out a card and buy whatever you want is pretty easy, especially before that bill comes in the mail at the end of the month. Many people may […]

Personal Finance Apps Can Help Save Money

From telling you the best spots to eat, to downloading the latest music, Apple’s iPhone has a whole mess of applications available. While a lot of these may be centered on entertainment or just getting around, there are others that could help you navigate the world of personal finance. Recently, Bankrate.com highlighted some of the […]