Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Rules for Credit Accounts Announced by Fed

New credit card regulations from the government may have already affected young people, and the Federal Reserve Board announced new rules recently that affect these accounts. According to the central bank, credit card companies will have to review interest rate increases made since January 1, 2009. If the causes of these interest rate rises have […]

Bankruptcy Reaching New Highs, Highlighting Importance of Financial Responsibility

The idea of having financial difficulties may be a foreign notion for some younger consumers, especially those who have just graduated from college and have their whole lives ahead of them. However, the recession found many people – both young and old – having difficulties with trying to get out of debt, so much so […]

Generation Debt: Hope for Echo Boomers in Trouble

Here’s how Generation Y became Generation Debt, and how they can turn things around.

Collector Won’t Accept My Money

An overdrawn bank account causes lasting problems.

PayOff Live Means Paying Off Smart

Credit card debt, student loans, or mortgage… PayOff Live can cut your debt time in half!

My Daughter Ran Up $8900 in Credit Card Bills

How soon will the credit card company turn her over to a collection agency?

Questions About Collections: Insurance Companies

Are you aware of whether an insurance company has an obligation to inform the insured that they are being turned over to a collection agency?

Learn to Live Completely Debt Free by Age Thirty

For those of you who are already over thirty (or almost there) this is still relevant, but just tack on about five years or so from your current age.

True Stories: How Our Readers Got Out of Debt

Young Money readers share their personal stories of how they got out of debt.