Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Young Entrepreneur: The Secret to Small Business Success

No one can deny the impact of technology on business today. As a young entrepreneur, you may be used to using tech for your own personal purposes, but business presents a different scenario. Now you must transpose your personal knowledge into a professional arena. You’re lucky. Your digital and technological literacy will serve you well. […]

Entrepreneurs: How to Minimize Marketing Spend Online

Are you a young entrepreneur going into business for the first time? If there’s anything you don’t have a lot of at the outset, it’s money. In terms of cash flow, 28% of small businesses that go bankrupt have big problems with their financial structure. There are a multitude of expenses, from product development, to […]

The Perfect Product Pitch

Do you have a product to pitch? These key tips can be the difference between a home run or a strike out.

VIDEO: Interview with Kevin Daum, Author of ROAR

How to engage with your customers and the secret of the four kinds of buyers.

VIDEO: Use Mass Email to Market

Should you build or buy lists?

VIDEO: Interview with HARO Founder Peter Shankman

Using “Help a Reporter Out” as a PR tool.

VIDEO: Which is Better for Traffic? Google Adwords or Blogs?

In this episode Mike explains the value of blogging and the value of adwords.