Monday, August 21st, 2017

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How to Lower Your Student Loan Payment Amount

The following post is from guest author Jesse Johnson¬† As higher education becomes increasingly important to job prospects, more and more people are racking up student loan debt. In the U.S., 44 million borrowers owe more than 1.4 trillion in student loans with an average graduate in their 20s walking away with more than $22,000 […]

How to make the Most of Your Finances after College

College graduation is exhilarating. When I walked, and when I threw my hat in the air, it seemed like everything good was happening at once. No more homework, no more stress over exams.   But when freedom hit, it hit hard. Freedom meant I was chained to bills, the looming student loan payments, the constant […]

Obama Pressures Colleges to Lower Tuition

Good news for future students. Obama is attempting to force colleges to reduce college tuition increases so that college remains affordable for everyone. In a speech Obama made on Friday in Michigan Obama announced that schools will also be held to new performance standards. If students can’t find jobs after college, future students that attend […]

Student Loans Exceed Total Credit Card Debt

New figures from reveal that in aggregate, Americans owe more money in federal and private student loans than they do in revolving credit, reports the Wall Street Journal. The Federal Reserve says that Americans owe a total of $826.5 billion in revolving credit debt, most of which is on credit cards. Outstanding student loans, meanwhile, […]

Banks May use Facebook to Gauge Your Ability to Pay a Loan

Social networking sites have been popular with young people since they started appearing on the internet, although they carry with them certain dangers. One threat presented by sites like MySpace and Facebook is they offer criminals to gain information about younger people, which can lead to a variety of crimes. Those could include identity theft, […]

3.3 Million College Students Victims of ID Theft

Break-in of corporation that guarantees federally backed student loans leaves millions vulnerable

Paying for College After the Market Plunge

College acceptances are in the mail. How are you going to pay for your kid to go to school?

Financial Aid & Student Loans Gone, Now What?

The rundown on student loans.

College Students Unable to Repay Student Loans

More people defaulting on student loans. Tip to help you pay yours

Overhaul to Student Loan Market

New legislation concerning student loans and how it will affect you.