Saturday, October 21st, 2017

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Travel Recommended Before People Burn Out on Careers

Pressure to get their careers started off on the right track may cause many college students to push themselves to the limit, often applying for as many internships as they can fit into their lives. However, a recent report from the Boston Herald noted some professionals are recommending young people take some time to travel, […]

Work, Travel, Make People Better

You’ve followed the sound advice of Mom and Dad and your school counselors. You’ve successfully completed high school and immediately started college where you’ve performed well so far. You’re still undecided about your major. Health care careers look attractive for many reasons; they’re lucrative, interesting, and you can make a difference and help save lives. […]

Travel Destinations with a Money Theme

Familiar and lesser known places that you must visit Summer is a wonderful time to take that long awaited, well-deserved getaway; inclement weather is less of an issue when flying during the summer months, making either short or long distance travel easier.  Visiting unexplored places is always a pleasant diversion for any business trip, family […]

Bon Voyage on a Budget

See the world. Spend less money.

Paradise for Pesos: Colombia, South America

Day-to-day living is cheap in South America.

A NYC Weekend for Less than $300

Proof that it’s possible to master the city that never sleeps on a tight budget.