Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Tech Talk: Green Dell, Vudu, ezVision

It’s only the second month of the New Year but we’ve already seen unemployment rise and the stock market drop. So far, 2009 isn’t looking much brighter. But we all know that doesn’t mean that everyone will stop spending all together. It just means that we’re going to have to be a little choosier about what we spend our money on. Here’s a list of some “safe bets” for 2009.

Rock Band II. Guitar Hero and Rock Band are the most popular cross platform games, and have helped breathe some life into bands you had almost forgotten. Did you ever imagine yourself being a lead singer or lead guitarist? Both games offer you an experience most people dream of: taking control of a guitar, drum set, microphone, or bass.  The only thing they don’t provide is the groupies. Both games are available for all three major systems: Wii, Xbox, and PS3.But our pick is Rock Band II: it comes in a special edition that includes a Fender guitar, new drum set, and a microphone. There are now over 500 playable songs, including AC/DC Live and music from punk rock legends the Dead Kennedys. Check out www.rockband.com.

Nintendo Wii. The Wii changed the way we think of video games. Not only is the Wii really fun, it’s exercise. It’s still the only video game console which allows you to lose weight and get in shape while playing. No more couch potato! And while you may love the classics, there’s a lot to look forward to in 2009:Wii Sports Resort, a sequel to Wii Sports, will let you play Frisbee with a dog and have a sword battle. Punch-Out!! promises to bring Wii boxing to the next level. Arc Rise Fantasia is a traditional turn-based role playing game, Muramasa: The Demon’s Blade is another RPG, this time set in ancient Japan, while the gory Madworld is all about the blood. The Conduit is a graphically impressive first-person shooter game with online multiplayer roles and voice chat that also lands at the top of our list. Finally, RockBand II will also be available for the Wii in early 2009.

Dell is Going Green. Dell is becoming fresher, cleaner, and greener. Not only are they thinking about the environment, but Dell has optimized their computers for even greater efficiency.
Take the Dell Studio Hybrid computer—it’s constructed from bamboo and only consumes a small amount of power, as compared to regular desktop computers. Also, the computer comes with a recycling kit, so rather than disposing of it in the dumpster, you can no recycle the computer and clean your conscience as well.

ezVision Video Glasses. These are just like they sound: a 50” virtual screen that fits like a pair of glasses. They are super light and have built in earphones and a rechargeable battery pack. You can use them with your iPodvideo, DVD Players, and all current video game consoles. The picture is great and they’re easy to connect. Imagine a super high-tech version of those picture wheel viewers you had when you were little and you’ll get the idea. Check out www.ezgear.com.

Vudu Home Video Player. TheVudu BX100 home video player is a direct competitor to Netflix and AppleTV.
They offer more HD movies on demand than any online rental service—1,100 to be exact. The Vudu player is a sleek black box, complete with futuristic remote control and an intuitive menu .At around $300, this is a definite threat to your local cinemaplex.

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