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Tech Wrap 10/10/08: Blackberry Storm & Th!nk the Recyclable Car

RIM BlackBerry Storm

A storm is coming, and it’s from BlackBerry. 

RIM BlackBerry has a new- phone that is supposed to rival the iPhone 3g. They’re calling it… Storm. Can you imagine RIM sitting around thinking about Halle Berry bringing the wrath of Mother Nature down on Steve Jobs? Or maybe RIM just has a really bad name picking team.

The BlackBerry Storm is different from its conventional predecessors—it uses touch screen capability and loses the keyboard.  But, have no fear BlackBerry lovers, the operating system is identical to the previous version—only with new add-ons.  The Storm comes complete with its own app store and the ability to copy and paste.  The phone’s multimedia ability is also a plus, it can sync with iTunes and play most audio and video formats.  The touch screen keyboard also keeps the same style and layout of its predecessors. 

Here’s an interesting feature: the touch screen is an actual button/clicker.  Rather than simply touching the screen to complete an action, with the Storm you literally have to push the screen, like it’s an actual button, until it clicks.  Basically, the touch screen is one big action button. 

So far is the Storm does not have wi-fi ability built into it, but it does run on a 3g network.  Rim BlackBerry Storm will be released in November from Verizon. 

Th!nk About It

Everyone has said it at least once. Hell, Leonardo Di Caprio is screaming it from the treetops: Something needs to change. We are killing the planet. Global warming is real. We’re running out of oil. Something needs to change.

Lately people have been mentioning the Great Depression. During the Great Depression people recycled everything. It wasn’t cool or hip and didn’t have trendy names, it was out of necessity. People didn’t have money to buy basic necessities and you could get enough for a loaf of broad just giving your old rags to the rag man.

So how, in only 70 years, have we come so “far?” Now we recycle not because we don’t have enough, but because we have too much. Now, our technology is focusing on ways we can produce less waste, yet still have more. The next big thing is alternative transportation. Consumers will be spending a lot of money just to have the newest car that saves a bit of gas. All so they can feel they are doing their part. And there is nothing wrong with that, but here’s another idea, why don’t we just drive less?

Or, we could just recycle our cars. Which is exactly what they are about to start doing in Norway. Meet the TH!NK City, an emission free, 95% recyclable vehicle. Reaching a top speed of 65 mph, it can drive up to 110 miles on one charge. It meets all European and U.S. federal motor vehicle safety requirements. Scandinavia, Switzerland, and France will be the initial sales focus. The North American market should see the TH!NK City in 2009.

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