Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Tech Wrap: WorldRadio and Drum Kit T-Shirts

Wolverine: No Longer Just for X-Men Fans

Wolverine Data has just unveiled WorldRadio. This Internet radio device can pick up over 15,000 radio stations worldwide. (Music fans should be hearing a halleluiah chorus right about now.)

Users can stream (and sort) music that is stored on their personal computers (the device supports UPnP) using Windows Media Player 11. The speakers are 6-watt and the device has external jacks for headphones or a stereo. WorldRadio is available now for $179.99.

Possibly the Most Annoying Shirt Ever

If you are one of those people who enjoy always making noise or tapping things or (shudder) playing air guitar, then you will probably love ThinkGeek’s new drum kit t-shirt. The shirt comes in black with a red drum kit and built-in speakers. A battery pack (four AAA batteries) is hidden inside the shirt. You have to remove the batteries and electronic drum kit to actually wash the shirt.

Girls, watch out, unless you like people hitting you in the chest all day, this may not be the best shirt for you.

Product Features
• Tap the drums on this shirt and they actually play through the embedded speaker
• All drums on the shirt are playable. 7 Different drum sounds in all
• Battery pack with speaker stores in hidden pocket near hem of shirt
• Adjustable volume… the top volume level is really loud
• Black 100% cotton shirt
• Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included)
• Exclusive product designed and manufactured by ThinkGeek

And how much will the ultimate in "rock band wear" set you back? Only $29.99.


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