Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Tech Talk: iStik Magnetic Case, Designer Laptop Sleeves, Portable Charger

iStik Magnetic Case
The iPod 4G Nano has been out for a while and is a popular product around the world.  Many exercise buffs and outdoor enthusiast need their iPod’s just to physically function.  If you are a physical enthusiast you will need an iPod case that will attach to your extremities. 

The iStik magnetic case for the 4G Nano is a perfect fit for almost everyone.  Made from clear polycarbonate plastic (making it a very durable and lasting case), it will withstand lots of falls and is water and sweat resistant.  But the most unique feature about the case is how it attaches to you.  The case comes in two parts, the case itself and a back attachment.  Both the case and the attachment have four magnets. You stick the back attachment inside your clothes or any outerwear, and then on the outside you stick the case to the inside back attachment.  It attaches using the strong neodymium magnets.  Believe me, these magnets are strong and could be attached to any piece of apparel whether it be a hat or jeans. 

As for iPod functionality the case has openings to allow you to take control of your iPod, whether you are switching songs or playing a game.  The case also allows you to dock the iPod while it is still enclosed in the case. It is also adaptable with Nike and Bluetooth. 

The 4G Nano case is $24.95 and can be found at www.goistik.com. iStick has cases for 2nd, 3rd, and 4th  generation iPods. 

Designer Sleeves Laptop Case
If you own a laptop you know you are carrying precious cargo.  Often I see people neglect their laptop by jamming it into a book bag or an oversized purse, which in turn can lead to scratches and potential damage. So why not protect it?

Designer Sleeves specializes in making laptop cases that ensures the best protection.  Catering to both Apple and PC laptops, Designer Sleeves are unique in build and presentation, only using wetsuit grade neoprene material for the best protection.  Glance over their website and take a look at the artwork printed on each sleeve.  The artwork ranges from easy and plain to eccentric and colorful, offering a variety of different prints to fit every personality.


I got my hands on the Mac Air Sleeve for the MacBook Air.  I got the IOM print design sleeve that looks like a Manila office envelope.  The first thing you notice how well it looks.  Obviously, a lot of love went into the design.  The material of the sleeve is made from wetsuit grade neoprene material, to insure water resistance and keep it safe from shock and scratches.  The neoprene also prevents the print design to never peel or fade; therefore your sleeve always looks new.  The neoprene material is very cushiony and soft, so I decided to test it and drop it with an actual laptop inside.  I simulated a test by “accidentally” knocking my coworker’s MacBook Air, placed in the sleeve, off her desk.  The test was successful; no physical harm was done, only a little emotional damage. The great thing about this product is that you don’t have to zipper it up; instead, it has a magnetic flap that’s strong and makes your laptop more accessible. 

The Mac Air Sleeve is definitely a solid product for those who own a MacBook Air.  The listed price for this sleeve is $39.95, but check out their other products at www.designersleeves.com.  They offer a wide variety of sleeves that all come in different prints and sizes. 

Medis 24/7 Xtreme Portable Charger
Live on a small island with scheduled power outages? Ever find yourself on the road with out a car charger? Or do you simply want to be an environmentally conscious person?  Medis Technologies has created fuel cell power starter kits which require no wall outlet or plug-in.  This green friendly power product is called the 24/7 Xtreme Portable Charger.  The product is supposed to be used to power handheld electronic devices such as cell phones, mp3 players, digital cameras, and even GPS devices. 

The fuel cell charger is definitely an interesting and cool product. The packaging comes in a green box to display that it’s environmentally conscious. Inside you will find the obvious instructions with the fuel cell charger and adapters for the charger and plug-ins.   They provide plug-ins for your electronic device like a USB plug, which is a definite plus.  The fuel cell charger itself is a bulky black object and attached to it is a green strap that must be taken off in order to use the charger. 

In order to use the charger you remove the green strap then squeeze and shake to activate it.  Once activated you plug in the adapter and with the corresponding plug-in to whatever device you are using and it should start to charge the electronic device right on the spot.  It’s easy and painless. 

I used it to charge my iPhone 3G (at 20% battery life).  I took the USB plug-in and connected it to my iPhone plug.  Once plugged in the device started to charge. It took about 45 minutes to get a full charge.  I was impressed and my iPhone had no problems whatsoever. 

I have now used the charger 5 different times for a total of 2 days and it still works.  I charged my phone and my mp3 player and everything gets a full charge.  The only worry is that it doesn’t meter how much power is left for charges. 

The Medis 24/7 Xtreme Power Charger is supposed to last for 20 hours but it has now been 3 days and it still charges.  The product is a definite buy if you are on the road a lot or if you are a camper.  It retails for $40 and you can get a refill pack for $20.  Check out www.poweritanywhere.com.

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