Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Weekly Tech Wrap

Drive it Green
Prepare for the  unveiling of the 2011 Chevy Volt.  The Volt uses a 16-kWh lithium ion battery, allowing it to run 40 mpg on a single charge.  After the charge has depleted the gasoline kicks in, allowing for several hundred miles of driving.  The best part of the vehicle is that it can be charged on your regular old 120 volt household electrical outlet. With more car companies trying to go green and be fuel efficient, the Chevy Volt is just a taste of what’s to come.  

And in this corner… the Android
We’re looking forward to see Google’s Android challenge the iPhone OS. The buzz around Android is huge, but will Android be able to compete with Apple’s iPhone OS?  The question has no answer, but all signs point to a competitive competition.  Given that the Android is yet to be launched; all video presentations and demonstrations have made it look sleek, easy, and iPhone-like.  This leads to only one question:  Has Google (rather than Microsoft) taken over as  Apple’s main threat?  It was Apple’s cool design and OS that made people fall in love with their iProducts.  Will Google’s own cell phone OS be able to catch the fickle hearts of America’s consumer market?

Google is also working on it’s own phone that operates Android. Rumor’s say that soon Google will have their own computer OS.  It sounds like a smart move by Google to start their OS in cell phones and see how people react to it, before moving it to a computer-based OS.  Besides, they have enough money to do whatever the heck they want. But don’t be surprised if sooner or later you’re standing outside a Google store waiting in anticipation to get your hands on the newest Google phone.

Terminator, meet Elmo. 
Many people have said that our world will be doomed by our own creations (i.e. artificial intelligence).  Terminator was just a movie but Elmo Live is for real.  It’s red, cute, and chronically out of stock.  Even with our horrid economy, people are rushing to pre-order this lovable product (due out in October).  Most large consumer stores are already sold out, and some have even had to cancel orders, because they couldn’t fill them.  So what makes this product so darn popular?  Obviously, all the little ones love Elmo, and this Elmo delivers the goods.  Elmo Live is a robot that interacts with your child to tell stories, joke, dance, sing, and other various acts.  So what does Elmo have to do with Young Money?  Why am I warning you about this diabolical little robotic creature?  This will most likely be one of the hottest selling holiday gifts; therefore, if you are an eBayer you better start the bidding ASAP.  Move over Nintendo Wii, and say hello to Elmo.

MacBook’s Makeover
Will October usher in the new MacBook and MacBook Pro?  The MacBook and MacBook Pro are due for a cosmetic upgrade, and October 14th is the rumored day for the unveiling of their new look.  Just like the paparazzi with Paris Hilton, websites have tried their hardest to capture a first look at the new design.  Insiders are reporting that the new MacBook will move away from it’s plastic shell to a slick metallic shell.  In case you’re looking for more than a facelift, know that this will not only be a cosmetic upgrade but an internal one as well.  The specifications aren’t known yet, but knowing Apple it will probably be an upgrade in the CPU, GPU, and memory.  Another Apple rumor? A tablet Apple laptop.  Designs of the tablet can be found on the web but no date is set for the release. 

This is my weekly tech roundup.  I hope you enjoyed what I had to offer and please feel free to drop a line to richard@rightwayweb.com. Out.

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  1. Chamorrita says:

    Hello, Richard! Thanks for the article. I can’t believe Elmo Live is so popular. It’s so crazy. What has our world come to?!

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