Saturday, November 18th, 2017

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Google Chromebook falls short of reviving netbook

Google hopes to bring back netbooks through an emphasis on the cloud.One of the biggest trends in computing before the explosive rise of tablets was the emergence of the low-cost netbook. With the introduction of their new http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-06-15/google-chromebook-makes-users-yearn-for-windows-tech-by-rich-jaroslovsky.htmlChromebook, Samsung and Google look to see if cloud-based computing can save the idea, but Bloomberg’s Rich Jaroslovsky suggests the experiment is a failure so far.

The Chromebook looks to replace most of the components of a laptop by essentially replacing the independent operating system with a browser and web-based applications like Gmail and Google Docs. While those options work reasonably well for most tasks, multiple issues arise attempting to use the internet exclusively.

The first comes in simply trying to connect to a network. The Chrome Operating System does not support some Wi-Fi authentication standards, which can cause problems for the $430 model which only provides access to Wi-Fi. Jaroslovky tested the $500 3G-enabled model, but needed to use a phone to activate it without access to Wi-Fi.

From there problems can develop from issues as simple as printing a document, which now involves registering a printer on Cloud Print instead of a simple plug-and-play driver installation.

CNET notes that most in the industry see the netbook as an essentially dead-idea and the stringer connection requirements of the Chromebook do little to change that.

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