Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

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Isis Mobile Payment System to Launch in 2012

Isis looks to replace this with just a phone.The mobile payment field has already grown dramatically just this year. Now The Los Angeles Times reports the major telecommunications companies have announced they intend to introduce their new payment system, Isis, at the start of next year.

Isis is a joint venture between AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. The project was initially conceived as a challenge to the major credit card networks, but quickly scaled back to a simpler method of payment.

Isis aims to incorporate near-field communication, or NFC, technology into phones similar to the methods used in Google Wallet. These systems allow smartphones to communicate with card readers with a simple wave or tap, and software designed for these transactions can collect relevant information into a single location to speed up the process.

The Isis designers announced the program is set to launch at the beginning of 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Austin, Texas. The service could expand to a half-dozen more cities that year, but further growth would not come until 2013.

Google Wallet, Isis’ strongest current competitor, launched in May this year in New York and San Francisco.

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One Response to Isis Mobile Payment System to Launch in 2012

  1. Greg says:

    Isis has scaled down its ambitions quite a bit since it was created last November and it hasn’t even started doing business yet! The good news is that the opening up to Visa and MasterCard promises to make it more consumer-friendly than the original design. But then there is still plenty of time until Isis gets off the ground and many things can (and most likely will) happen in the interim. http://blog.unibulmerchantservices.com/carriers-open-up-mobile-commerce-platform-isis-to-visa-and-mastercard

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