Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

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Logitech, ZAGG unveil nifty case that turns an iPad into a laptop

Logitech and ZAGG teamed to make a case for the iPad that effectively turns it into a laptop. If you have an iPad, but you're tired of the gadget's touchscreen keyboard, you're not alone. The keyboards can be difficult to use after a while and if you're looking to get a lot of typing done, you may need want to consider using the latest innovative tool from Logitech and ZAGG. 

The two companies worked together to come up with a solution for the iPad user who wants to use the tablet like a laptop. They recently unveiled the all-in-one case that contains its owns case and iPad stand, allowing a user to type and use the iPad as if it were a laptop.

The iPad case that the technology companies developed is sleek and looks like it was designed by one of Apple's engineers. The new iPad case retails for the reasonable price of $99, and is sleep and lightweight enough to be carried around. According to executives from the companies, the new case for the iPad is made from aircraft-grade, bead-blasted aluminum – the same material the iPad is constructed from.

Moreover, if you drop the case – let's face it, we all drop things from time to time – it probably won't break because the product features "military grade high-density padding for superior drop protection," ZAGG said in a statement. It also adds only an eighth of an inch to the iPad's profile and from afar, it looks very much like the new MacBook Air.

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