Saturday, October 21st, 2017

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NFC Already on Its Way

Soon your wallet could look like this.The way people interact with mobile technology has changed dramatically over the past decade, but now we could be on the verge of a shift in how mobile devices interact with the world. Social Media Insider‘s David Berkowitz recently outlined how people seem to react to new near-field communication technology, and how it will ultimately reshape the market.

Berkowitz notes that NFC has gotten a lot of hype, but many people still know little or nothing about it. Some people confuse NFC with the radio frequency identification technology it relies on, though the short range dramatically increases security. One security expert told The International Business Times NFC “digital wallets” could prove more secure than traditional credit cards.

As people learn more about the technology, attitudes seem to diverge sharply between ready adopters and steadfast skeptics. Enthusiasts point out the broad applications the technology has, in the simpler roles of secure credit card transactions and physical check-ins, as well as the more varied possibilities a world’s worth of apps can add to those basics.

The Washington Post reports that Google has already taken a major step in bringing the technology mainstream, introducing its Google Wallet service alongside its newly released local “deal of the day” service Google Offers.

While detractors rightly point out the market remains limited, Berkowitz suggests that simply using the technology should ease most people’s doubts. He believes NFC has reached a critical mass that will ultimately push it toward universal adoption.

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