Thursday, November 23rd, 2017

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Report: White iPhone 4 on Its Way to Store Shelves

Apple is rumored to be close to releasing a white version of the iPhone 4.Gadget lovers tend to be a finicky bunch, and though Apple fanboys are usually the first to form lines when the company readies the launch of a new product, they are not without their own set of complaints. Many Apple lovers have long called for the company to increase the number of white iPhones available and, according to recently published reports, they could be on the way.

Bloomberg reports that following nearly 10 months of delays, Apple is set to unveil a white version of the iPhone 4, its newest version of the smartphone. According to unnamed sources, the newest white iPhone will be available from AT&T and Verizon by the end of April. The white iPhone will take longer to hit store shelves because of manufacturing delays that resulted from the paint peeling under heat, one person familiar with the situation told the news service.

Apple has unveiled a new generation of the iPhone every year since it first launched the smartphone back in 2007. This year, however, it is not expected to, according to sources. Apple executives are hoping the new white iPhone will spur demand for the device as consumers await the newest edition of the smartphone.

Some executives from the world’s most valuable technology company have said the new white iPhone could be on its way. Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of marketing, alluded to the release of the new white version, writing on Twitter that it would be available for purchase sometime this spring.

Along with the iPod, the iPhone catapulted Apple into extreme profitability; since the company launched the iPhone, its stock has soared as has media attention surrounding the company. In the company’s first fiscal quarter, iPhone sales accounted for 39 percent of its sales – a huge percentage for a company whose bread and butter has historically been laptops and computers.

According to industry analysts, white has long been a popular color choice for Apple’s electronics offerings. White has been a popular shade of the iPod since its unveiling over a decade ago, and its new iPad 2 is offered in white as well and has been a hot seller.

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