Friday, October 20th, 2017

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Solar Power For Your Tablet

Solar charging could make tablets even more portable.Going green comes with its costs and its benefits, but one of the biggest benefits solar power can provide is convenient charging. ZD Net reports that Voltaic Systems has introduced one of the more versatile solar charging options for mobile devices.

Numerous options exist for charging smartphones and even laptops, but Voltaic Systems’ new Spark solar panel bag allows users to power or recharge a tablet along with a host of other mobile devices. The bag includes a set of 80-watt, waterproof solar panels under a two year warranty.

These panels produce a modest amount of electricity, but serve to charge an included battery after around 10 hours of direct sunlight. In addition to the battery, the bag can charge a device itself, in around the same amount of time for a tablet and less for some others. It can even charge two devices simultaneously, though at a slower rate. Some tablets like the Motorola XOOM are incompatible, but gadgets like the iPad, the Nintendo DS, and even Motorola phones all work fine.

Samsung has already introduced a solar-powered laptop for sale, according to The Telegraph, but these kinds of bags provide an easier means of supplemental power while on the go.

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