Friday, October 20th, 2017

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White iPhone4 not immune from criticism, not even 0.2 millimeters-worth

Amidst much acclaim, the white iPhone finally came out last week -- and it is 0.2 millimeters thicker than the block model.The long-awaited white iPhone4 taxed the patience of anxious consumers who really wanted the device.

And now that they have it, CNN reports, complaints about it have not ceased.

The white model that was released last Thursday is 0.2 millimeters thicker than the black iPhone4, which has been on the market for 10 months, according to wired.com.

The difference is not a big deal to many people but others expressed apprehension about the newly purchased handheld not fitting in the precision cases. But bigger cases are OK.

In any case, many close observers of Apple now have new ammunition to broach during conversations about Apple devices.

Though the Cupertino, California-based company has given no definitive answer as to why, vice president Phil Schiller did note the white color interferes with proximity sensors on the iPhone.

That would seem to bolster theorists’ lead belief: The extra coating is necessary to prevent light from interfering with the camera.

Both the black and white models’ aluminum antenna band that circles each device is the same. Only the painted glass casing is thicker.

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