Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Xbox Users Can Now Stream Hulu Plus From Console

Starting Friday, Xbox users will be able to stream Hulu Plus from their consoles free for a week - and then for an $8 monthly fee.Starting Friday, Microsoft will offer Xbox users the ability to stream Hulu Plus from their video game consoles.

According to Microsoft, Xbox Live Gold members will be eligible to stream Hulu Plus through their Xbox to their televisions. Hulu Plus is a pay-model version of the popular website that allows visitors to stream popular television shows from a variety of networks. Hulu Plus costs $8 a month, and along with the $60-a-year subscription fee Xbox Live Gold, users will have to fork over some cash to enjoy the service.

For one week, however, Xbox users will have free access to Hulu Plus, according to Consumer Reports. Following the one week trial, the service will go behind the Xbox Live Gold paywall. Though the service was just unveiled, it has already drawn a fair share of complaints from analysts and critics, who lambasted the integration for not working with the Xbox Kinect controller.

Nonetheless, the latest streaming deal brings yet another video-watching site to Xbox users. Microsoft’s gaming console already is capable of streaming Netflix for registered users. Hulu Plus has already been available as an app through Sony’s PS3 for months. Some consumers have shunned the service, asserting it carries a relatively steep pricetag and limited selection of content.

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