Monday, November 20th, 2017

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Google Travel Offers Another Option For Plane Tickets

Google can now help people land a cheap ticket.Google has expanded steadily from its now well-established base in internet search, recently rejoining the ranks of social networks. Now the online giant has launched a new engine for finding airline flights, according to USA Today.

The current service began earlier this year with the $700 million acquisition of ITA Software. The move brought a quick investigation by the Department of Justice on anti-competitive grounds, as ITA provides flight data for several of the main players in the airline search industry, including MIcrosoft, Kayak and Expedia.

The deal was ultimately approved and completed in April, leading to the rapid development of the new Google Travel. This program allows for basic searches based on dates and destinations, as well as more complex filters based on airline or number of connections.

TechCrunch notes that as of now Google Travel lacks certain features common to other sites such as information on hotels and the ability to book multi-city trips, but it is expected to steadily expand into such services.

Kayak released a statement acknowledging “Google is a formidable competitor, but they haven’t been successful in every vertical they’ve entered.” The site expressed confidence its technology would prove superior and it would continue to compete.

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