Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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The Philippines Taps MTV to Target Young Travelers

The Philippines Tourism Department’s latest campaign is not aimed at luring the rich and famous to one of its tropical hideaways. The ads do not focus on retirees spending their 401(k)s at a white sand beach resort in Boracay. Nor does it target newlyweds seeking a honeymoon that isn’t cliché. Instead they are teaming up with MTV Networks to reach student travelers, new professionals and young adventurers around the world. This 18-34 year old target demographic will be able to watch “MTV Revelations” when it kicks off in February. The series of short segments will feature MTV VJs discussing their dynamic and personal experiences in the Philippines in a fresh way.

“Advertisers who seek to connect with young people recognize MTV’s strengths and its reputation as a leader in market research,” said Bill Roedy, Chairman and CEO of MTV Networks International. Recent key findings show that the MTV demographic are the most avid travelers of today, and it becomes natural that tourism boards targeting this demo group are keen to collaborate with MTV.

At the latest World Travel Market exhibition the Tourism Secretary of the Philippines, Joseph ‘Ace’ Durano, stated that 70% of their tourists are youth travelers. This survey reverberates in the United States and worldwide. According to the Student and Youth Travel Research Institute, a majority of 12 to 18 year old travelers in the United States spend almost $10 billion a year. Young travelers aged 25-38 are even a stronger market force as they enjoy a higher disposable income. Last October, travel tour operator Hands up Holidays recorded a noticeable spike in volunteer travel bookings from young professionals. According to the company, the economic downturn is inspiring some to seek meaning and enrichment through travel.

So how will MTV Revelations differ from other travel and adventure programs? “MTV Revelations is all about being hip, edgy and modern,” said Mr. Roedy. “We have many activities planned that will get the viewers pumped.” One of these activities includes an interactive contest asking viewers to submit their best kept personal experience with the Philippines. They will also offer viewers a way to personalize their Philippines experience by creating their own road trip material. MTV will incorporate all these elements into on-air, online and on mobile for today’s tech-savvy generation.

The MTV Revelation content itself will focus on activities Philippines has to offer including water sports, recreation and eco-tourism. It aims to show Philippines as the ultimate hot spot for leisure travel in Southeast Asia. Overseas viewers will get to experience the fascinating side of the Philippines through MTV VJs, whom they can really relate to as they live the lifestyle of today’s youth.

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