Thursday, October 19th, 2017

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Experience Down Under: Work or Intern in Australia

Without a doubt, traveling has crossed your mind more than once. Even more likely you have considered working overseas. And maybe somewhere along the line, Australia has come up. I don’t blame you, Australia is a fantastic place. Aussies are laid back, friendly people who welcome foreigners with open arms, well most of them anyway.

For Americans, it’s getting easier. As of 2007, Australia and the United States have entered a reciprocal visa agreement allowing Americans to stay in Australia for up to twelve months for work or study for a portion of that period. This is a great way to earn while you travel, meet new people and gain insightful experiences. If you’re between ages 18 to 30, possess a return fare, and meet the criteria requirements, then there’s an opportunity for you.

Australia has a lot to offer young individuals looking for a change. Cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane can offer internship opportunities in large companies that will look great on your resume, and are the centre of business, partying and good times. Of course if you’re looking for a smaller place, think the Gold Coast, in south east Queensland, with its wide hospitality and tourism industry. Here you can work at night (earn by the hour plus get nice tips from generous locals and tourists) and chill out on the beach throughout the day, learn to surf or if you prefer, study or get a day job.

Usually work visas are granted for up to 12 months and internships for up to 6 months. If you are interested in an internship it’s worthwhile checking out AIFS which is a great organization for professional placement programs with Australian companies which will help you gain valuable experience.

Having spent almost two decades growing up in Australia, I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to work and travel. It’s a fantastic place to meet great people, gain new experience for future employment opportunities and experience a relaxed way of life. Just remember Aussies are hard working people so if you want to keep up you have to do the same. Slackers need not apply!

If you’re looking for an internship or work, here are some useful sites:

This is a great general site with advice on opening a bank account, getting accommodation and most of the general information you will need if you decide to work or study in Australia.

Information on AIFS: a professional placement program.

Up-to-date visa information.
One of Australia’s most popular job search sites.

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