Tuesday, October 24th, 2017

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A NYC Weekend for Less than $300

Tis the season of the staycation, but if you do have a few extra dollars to spend this summer, hop on out to NYC for a quick weekend trip. Contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible to master the city that never sleeps on a tight budget.

Many equate activities in New York with the unpleasant ca-ching of of their hard earned paycheck heading straight into the cash register of some overpriced restaurant, museum, or theater. But enjoying all the city has to offer dont always have to cost an arm and a leg it just takes a little creativity.

Where to Stay

Head south to Jane Street. The Jane (113 Jane St.), a cool Greenwich Village hotel is probably the cheapest deal in the city when it comes to hotels, as opposed to hostels. A solo room there will run you $79 (weeknights) and $89 (weekends). The rooms are tiny, but charming – and not charming in a sketchy realtor sort of way. Fun Fact: The survivors of The Titanic stayed here during the initial investigation of the sinking. Cost for 2 nights: $178


Where to Eat

Lunch: Blue 9 Burger (92 Third Avenue) hamburger ($3.30) and french fries ($2.75).

Dinner: Crocodile Lounge (325 E. 14th St.) Each beer you buy will get a personal sized pizza. They’re not NYCs finest, but theyre free. Cost for 2 beers/2 pies: approx $10.

What to do:

Early afternoon, head downtown to the Federal Reserve Bank (33 Bank St.) for their 60 minute Gold Vault Tour. Cost: Free. Later in the day, take in a show at P.S. 122 (150 First Avenue), the East Villages popular experimental theater venue. Tickets rarely go over the $25 mark, and there are tons of different showings including theater, music and burlesque. Cost: $25


Where to eat:

Breakfast: Grab a quick buttered roll and coffee at any of the corner bodegas that flock NYCs streets. Cost: $1.75

Lunch: Table Tales Caf (243 Water St.) Try their hot sandwiches which average around $9.

Dinner: Panna II (93 1st Ave.) Come here for the ambiance, love it for the prices. Get a bowl of mushroom soup ($1.95), veggie samosas ($2.25) and chicken kurma ($6.95)

What to do:

During the day, head down to the Southstreet Seaport for the 1 hour Manhattan cruise on the Zephyr Seaport Liberty. Cost: $27. Afterward, take in some shopping or grab some ice cream and enjoy the sights and musicians on the pier. In the evening, head uptown to the Upright Citizens Brigade (307 W. 26th St.) for one of their world famous improv shows. With an average of five shows a night, youll have a good array of options to choose from. Cost: $10


Where to eat:

Breakfast: Brown Cup (334 8th Ave.) French Toast Cost: $3.50

Lunch: Spice (199 8th Ave.) Their $7 lunch special gets you an entre and a free appetizer.

What to do:

Chelsea art gallery walk The popular Chelsea neighborhood plays host to some of the most fantastic art galleries in NYC. Grab a coffee and spend your afternoon leisurely strolling through the exhibits that dot the areas between 23rd and 26th streets, bordered by 10th and 11th Avenues.

Lauren Fairbanks is a Brooklyn-based writer and the Founder & Editor of LifeStyler,  a NYC-centric guide to budget living.  She has covered lifestyle, small business and personal finance topics for various online publications including Gen X Finance, Gowanus Lounge and Good Plum. Prior to her writing career, she worked in nonprofit management.

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