Monday, November 20th, 2017

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Southwest Claims Highest Customer Satisfaction

Southwest Airlines handily beat its competitors in customer satisfaction.The airline industry continues to suffer its steady decline, but more and more passengers are suffering along with them. Reuters reports that the latest American Customer Satisfaction Index survey found most airlines continue to post poor customer satisfaction.

On the whole, satisfaction with airlines fell to 65 out of 100, a 1.5 percent drop and roughly on par with recent performances. Delta Air Lines plummeted to the bottom of the major airlines with a score of 56. Business passengers in particular voiced their dissatisfaction with airline services, raising a major threat to the industry.

Smaller airlines posted a much higher average of 76, improving by 1.3 percent, but only a limited number of people can take advantage of these more popular flights.

Instead, travelers can consider turning to the lone bright spot in the industry, Southwest Airlines. With low fares and no new fees for previously free services, travelers looked past the company’s sparse accommodations and gave the company an 81 rating.

On a more positive note for travelers, USA Today reports that the survey found hotels were generally rated much higher, averaging a score of 77.

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