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Travel Destinations with a Money Theme

Familiar and lesser known places that you must visit

Summer is a wonderful time to take that long awaited, well-deserved getaway; inclement weather is less of an issue when flying during the summer months, making either short or long distance travel easier.  Visiting unexplored places is always a pleasant diversion for any business trip, family event, or leisurely vacation.  Destinations with a theme can be exciting.    You already have an interest in matters of finance.  Why not expand your financial acumen while having a bit of fun and explore some not-so-obvious sites around America?

Take a bite into the Big Apple.

Enjoying a Broadway play or live music, visiting the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building, are all terrific activities.  But New York City has other sites that might interest you.  The stock market was started in 1792; learn more about its history during a guided Wall Street Tour.  Purchase tickets on-line before you leave home.  While in Lower Manhattan, be sure to tour the Federal Reserve. You’ll experience many permanent and featured interactive exhibits such as The Gold Vault. Schedule your tour via their website at least a month in advance. The Museum of American Financial History, located in the heart of New York’s financial district, has numerous exhibits which celebrate entrepreneurship, capitalism, and free enterprise.

Get blown away by the Windy City.

There’s much more to Chicago than skyscrapers, shopping, Navy Pier and Millennium Park, and beaches and boating on Lake Michigan.  The Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) and Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) together are referred to as the CME Group.  Tours at these two nearby locations will show you how futures, options and commodities are traded.  Call ahead to schedule at either of these downtown locations.

See money in mint condition.

If you’re in Washington DC or Fort Worth, Texas, schedule a tour of the United States Bureau of Engraving and Printing (BEP) where paper currency is printed before being distributed to the Federal Reserve.     If you want to witness coins being produced, you’ll want to visit The United States Mint.  Though there are six mint locations, only the Philadelphia and Denver locations offer tours, as of this writing.  Check The US Mint website for information about visiting times and making reservations. Don’t expect to receive any free samples at either of these money factories!

Don’t overlook other intriguing sites while travelling in the good old USA.

There are some money museums that you won’t want to miss. Numismatics, sounds like a dreaded disease, but in fact, is more commonly known as coin collecting, a fascinating hobby enjoyed by people of all ages.  Located in Colorado Springs, Colorado, approximately 70 miles south of Denver on Interstate 25 is the American Numismatic Association Money Museum.  You can learn more about current exhibits on their website.

Show me the money in the Show Me State.  Kansas City, Missouri is the location of the Money Museum which is part of the Federal Reserve System, where you can learn about the vault and other money matters.  Drive east approximately 230 miles, across the state along Interstate 70, to the Washington University campus in St. Louis; you can enjoy the Newman Money Museum.  Hours may be synchronized with the academic calendar, so obtain information from the website before visiting.

Become a meeting maven.

Have you ever attended an annual meeting for shareholders? If you own stock in a corporation, pay attention to the date of their next scheduled shareholder‘s meeting.  While learning about corporations and specifically about your company, you may become a better investor, receive free goodies, and possibly even make portions of your travel expenses tax-deductible.  Some corporations provide meals and samples to their shareholders.   Omaha has a surprisingly interesting number of tourist attractions.  Attend the Berkshire Hathaway (BKH), shareholder’s meeting and hear words from Warren Buffet, masterful investor, while touring Nebraska’s largest city.  Other companies whose shareholder’s may be informative and fun are Starbucks (SBUX) in Seattle; Microsoft (MSFT) in Redmond, Washington; Disney (DIS) in Burbanks, California; EBay (EBAY) in San Jose, California; Hershey (HSY) in Hershey, Pennsylvania; and Wal-mart (WMT) in Bentonville, Arkansas.  If you want to experience gambling from a different perspective, attend the International Gaming Technology (IGT)) shareholder’s meetings while seeing what Reno, Nevada has to offer.

Many companies offer tours of how they make their product.   Search the Internet by location or by product or company to find an interesting factory tour. You may receive some samples, depending on the product, such as the Coors tour in Golden, Colorado.

Always check times and admissions as these are ever changing.  Many money-related destinations may be closed on national holidays.  Additionally, security restrictions, which vary based on world situations, may temporarily or permanently close some federally operated financial buildings.

When you visit destinations with a money theme, you’ll return home with interesting stories to tell and some new knowledge and insights.

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    There are plenty of good vacation destinations in the US, but this will differ from person to person based on their likings. Almost, every state in the US have at-least three to four good places to be at during a summer vacation. The money based theme is a very good suggestion
    provided by you, which will help you have a different experience all-together.

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