Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

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Top 5 Vehicle Modifications That Save You Cash

Spending a lot on your car is a drag, so you’re probably already familiar with some DIY tips to save money on your car. Those tips—such as keeping tires properly inflated and doing your own maintenance—are essential to any vehicle owner. They’re the basics. Now it’s time to learn about some great vehicle modifications that […]

Nissan reveals Juke Nismo Concept

Nissan is planning to add more high-performance vehicles to its lineup, and it is planning on selling these new automobiles to the crossover market. The Japan-based car manufacturer recently displayed the Juke Nismo Concept at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show, CNET reports. At the time, Nissan announced that a positive response could provide the vehicle’s […]

Wholesale Prices Rise Again in September

Americans can expect to start paying more for many of their most frequent purchases, according to The Wall Street Journal. The Department of Labor released the latest Producer Price Index on Tuesday, October 18, which indicated that wholesale prices rose across the country in every sector. Overall, the index rose 0.8 percent from from August […]

GM Introduces Second Electric Car

On Wednesday, October 12, General Motors introduced its latest foray into the electric vehicle market, according to CNN. Unlike the earlier Chevy Volt the company introduced last year, the new Chevy Spark EV will be entirely electric with no second engine. The vehicle falls into the mini-car category, around the same size as the Mini […]

Toyota Introduces Unique Safety Features

Cars have always been about the next big feature, first with on-board radios and now voice-activated computers, but Toyota has taken some interesting new steps in promoting driver safety. ABC News reports that Toyota has introduced a new crash prevention system, that actively seeks to avoid or mitigate a crash using a system of complex […]

U.S. Approves First Flying Car

When the millennium came and went without HAL taking control, a lot of people began to wonder why the future everyone expected had yet to arrive. Some people had settled for the rise of smartphones and tablets, but now Americans will finally get what they have waited for so long. CNET reports that the U.S. […]

New Gadgets Giving Car Makers Problems

With the explosive rise in smartphones and tablets, as well as their applications, the technological bar has been set a bit higher for the auto industry recently. Most companies have been trying hard to catch up, but The New York Times reports the effort has cost them in terms of quality. The J.D. Power and […]

Nevada adopting driverless cars

Europe is taking steps to encourage the use of mass transit, or walking, in favor of automobile use, but at least one U.S. state is actually taking a step the other direction. Forbes reports that Nevada could soon see driverless cars rolling along its streets and highways. Last week, the Nevada state legislature passed a […]

Ford Emphasizing Tech Integration

The growth of mobile apps is hardly restricted to smartphones and tablets. As more people find more uses for mobile computing, Ford aims to give its customers access to all the same tools from their car as well, according to Bloomberg. Since recording more than $30 billion in losses between 2006 and 2008, the iconic […]

Electric Cars Get a Boost in Charging Tech

Particularly after the introduction of flashy Tesla Roadster, more people are growing enamored with new electric vehicles, but the limited range is still enough to discourage most people who get past the price tag. Researchers at the Massachusetts Institue of Technology might have found a way to fix that problem, according to CNET. Edmunds.com looked […]