Saturday, October 21st, 2017

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Small Ways to Save Big on Fuel

Gas prices keep going up. So what can you do to keep your fuel costs down? Here are some tips:

  • Easy on that pedal — If you’re the type to pass everybody and boost your RPM into the red zone every time you hit the gas, you could be decreasing your fuel economy by as much as 2 miles per gallon. Remember, it takes 20%-30% more gas to drive at 70 mph than 50 mph. So accelerate gently, watch traffic ahead so you can anticipate slow-downs and avoid abrupt stops.
  • Pump it yourself — Another way to save on fuel costs is to pump the gas yourself (if legal in your state) as well as use the lowest-octane called for in your owner’s manual.
  • Don’t top off the tank. Some of the gas may end up overflowing out of your tank when it expands in the sun or if you park on a hill.
  • Don’t warm up your car by letting it idle. Your engine warms up quicker when driving than it does when idling and idling wastes an average of a quart of gas every 15 minutes.
  • Check your tires once a month. Consult your manual to find out how much tire pressure your car needs in both hot and cold weather. Correct tire pressure as well as proper alignment saves gas and can also save you on the cost of tires as well.
  • Keep up regular maintenance. From routine tune-ups and oil changes to replacing dirty air filters that force your engine to work harder, proper maintenance on your car helps it to run more efficiently and conserve fuel.
  • Avoid waiting until you’re on empty to look at gas prices. There’s high competition among gas stations, so see who offers the best price the most often and go there when its time to fill up.

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Reprinted with permission from Answer Financial.

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